There are more than 300 hotels in this Hanseatic town. Most of them are places for people visiting Hamburg, but Hamburg´s citizens do not go there. This, however, is no must, as you can see in many big places in the world. Well-run hotels see themselves as a place for both of them – inhabitants and guests. This is exactly what PIERDREI wants to be – a living room for the citizens of Hamburg and a guest room for their visitors. A real dreamhouse, a melting pot for people from near and far, for grown-ups and kids, right in the middle of Hafencity, a place which is still new to many Hamburgers, but has already become a hot-spot of the city. PIERDREI is supposed to become the heart of this new developing part of the town.




PIERDREI is more than a hotel, it is going to be a place for Hamburgers by Hamburgers. And this is not just a phrase, as three of Hamburg´s entrepeneurs have decided to cooperate to design a new vivid place. They are Schmidts Tivoli´s founder and owner Norbert Aust, Fortune Hotels´ founder and owner Kai Hollmann, who runs the well-known hotels like Gastwerk, The George, or Superbude I and II. This special bond is completed by the visitor magnet Miniature Wonderland with Frederik Braun and his brother Gerrit Braun, and Sebastian Drechsler. They are not only united about their affection to Hamburg but also by their quest for perfection and attention to detail.

This unusual location of PIERDREI between Hafencity and Speicherstadt brings together old and new, past and future, which are reflected in its conception. PIERDREI is mature, urban, mad about detail, and cool, but in no way elite. Apart from the 212 rooms and a small campsite seven metres high above with a marvellous view there will be a restaurant, a roof-garden, a bar, a family floor, and a small stage for concerts or theatre productions. Special attention is given to include people from the neighbourhood. They will get meals at a reduced price, they may use the bar, or the stage for their own projects, or they may even plant their own herbs or vegetables in the roof-garden.

The hotel opening is planned for spring 2019.


„The idea for this project was born four years ago. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to Hamburg just to visit the Miniature Wonderland or Schmidts Tivoli. For these visitors we wanted to create a place where they feel at home, where they are part of a family, well-looked after, and which has an effect on everybody by its vivacity,“, says Norbert Aust, one of its founders.

„Everyone who knows us also knows how much we love Hamburg. But we are not only united about our affection for our hometown, but also by our enthusiasm, attention to detail, finding pleasure in creative games, and unconventional thinking. All this is being reflected in our conception of PIERDREI“, says Frederik Braun, and adds: „We all believe in our Hafencity. But to be honest, Hafencity is lacking a bit of heartbeat and individuality. We have started this project to make the Hafencity a bit more lively and to give it a heart, in a figurative sense.“.

Kai Hollmann describes this project as follows: „In the last few years many projects in the high-price segment have been realized, but the medium-price segment has been neglected a bit. PIERDREI is trying to fill this gap. PIERDREI is supposed to become a lively place for everybody. Young families as well as business-people are welcome. PIERDREI is going to become a place full of heart in it and attention to detail.“

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